The capital city of Issia, Kinijil is the largest city in this region of Tahanan and a major port on the Sea of Parn spilling onto both sides of Thia’s Ribbon .

Map of Kinijil


Kinijil is one of the larger cities in Tahanan. It houses over 90,000 residents, though the exact numbers are not clear due to a large Ysolki population that largely lives underground, and the constant churn of merchants through the city.

While the bulk of the population is made up of humans and Ammuri, peoples from most terrestrial races are represented.

Trade & Industry

The city acts as a trade hub for Eastern Tahanan, particularly those nations that border the Sea of Parn. As such, most trade goods are available, but those from the Southern Continent or Western Tahanan are still expensive due to their rarity.

While most industries are represented on a small scale, Kinijil is known for its:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry (particularly silver)
  • Seafood
  • Olive Oil


  • The Gallup
  • The Roses
  • Tradesmen’s Ward
  • Ammuri Quarter
  • Sailor’s Row
  • Palace Grounds
  • Northtown
  • Riverton
  • The Cliffs
  • Magister’s Walk
  • Southport
  • Port of Sin
  • Brightport
  • Commoner’s Court

Locations of Note

  • The Citadel – Contains the barracks for the city guard and Kinijil prison
  • Syren’s Rock
  • Azalt’s Plaza
  • Griffon’s Rest
  • Palace Grounds
  • Blue Round
  • Delis Academy
  • Riverview Cemetery
  • Temple of Many
  • Ambassador’s Court
  • Festival Circle – Surrounded by government buildings, the plaza hosts major city-wide fesitvals, and when the King speaks to the citizens, he does so from The Chalice, while they congregate here.
  • The Chalice – The home of the judiciary, The Bakar, and the King’s formal court.


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