Coastal fishing town on the coast of the Sea of Parn in Rubista.

General Information

Population: ~200; mostly human
Mayor: Brina Oreln – Middle-aged female with dark hair

Places of Interest

  • Tradehouse: Run by Brina Oreln, off the town square (near the docks)
  • Blacksmith: Mostly works on pieces for homes, farming, and fishing boats. Owner: Dita the Smith – dark skinned woman in her 30s
  • Dusty Trail Inn: Tavern run by Seniya (pregnant) and Aldin Dorice.
    • They have 2 toddlers (Alija and Shura)
    • Most of their clientele are fisherman coming in for dinner/drinks after their runs, but they also host tradesmen travelling between Rubista and Issia.
  • Healer – Viski
    • Older man, fair skinned.
    • Non-magic healing


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