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  • Shinku Natsuzora


    As the world changes,
    Well be watching things unfold,
    For all eternity.
    ~Code of the Historians

    Ive spent enough time in this world to know

  • Redforged

    Little is known about this strange warforged. It seems to have no memory of where it was from or who created it. It has no idea why it can see spirits and why they act through it. Where its left eye should be is a mark of living lighting pulsing

  • Narrg

    A young dwarf paladin exploring the fulcrum of his mortal being.

  • Brianna

    The young dwarf priestess by the name of Brianna has been the topic of much discussion among the priesthood of House Redforge. Though barely old enough to be considered an adult, Bri as she is commonly known comes from a long and prestigious line that

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