Eldrin Herrich

  • Age: 104
  • Race: Tarilin
  • Born: Forests outside of Longwatch
  • Hobbies: Blacksmithing/Tracking
  • Job: Bounty Hunter – previously did some work outside the law, but after a brief stint in jail from his extra-legal bounties, he went legitimate
  • Class: Ranger

Early Life

  • Eldrin’s parents witnessed the fall of Longwatch and retreated to live in solitude in the wilderness
  • A few centuries later, well after most Tarilin have already raised their children, his mother became pregnant with him
  • When money and time allowed, most of Eldrin’s time was spent with his father in the blacksmithing shed that he worked out of for locals
    • In his early adolescence, Eldrin began learning archery
    • Took an interest in the art of blacksmithing, initially wanting to craft his own arrowheads, but eventually became fascinated with armorcrafting after seeing the armor of the city guard
  • Much of Eldrin’s time was spent hunting and tracking to assist in putting food on the table since they lived in the wilderness and his parents were getting elderly

Things change

  • The coming of the Blight was the beginning of the end for his parents. They became less mobile and their strength waned. As the Blight destroyed their forests, so too were they broken.
  • Though an adult, Eldrin had never lived in a city and eventually fell into the refugee shantytown that formed outside Kalt in the wake of the Blight. There he found a mentor named Fenric who took him in and taught him how to utilize the skills he’d honed in the forest to track bounties in the city as well.

Moving forward

  • Eldrin wishes to determine the source of the Blight and work towards restoring the civilization that came from Longwatch’s fall.
  • He also would like to become a master blacksmith and leatherworker in honor of his father

Eldrin Herrich

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