A New Stranger

BriAnne’s Journal

Much peril stands before Clan Redforge, and I fear the day may come when we cannot overcome them. Ysran‘s death hit us hard, as did the travels back to Gormit. The ankegs nearly did us in. I doubt I will ever see a cockroach again without a burning desire to grind it to pulp with the heel of my boot.

Fortunately, luck came back to us when we managed to find some desperately needed shelter to hide from the goblin search parties. With the safety of the sunlight, we made much better time and arrived at the Homestead.

Karig was troubled by our tales of the goblins and saddened by the news of Ysran’s demise, even a brave as it was. We drank heartily that night to honor our fallen comrade. Our new halfling friend joined in and we toasted his companions as well. The next morning, we buried Ysran and the three adventures next to the one we had dug for our short-lived recruit, Torrin. I could not help let out a bitter chuckle at the thought that we now had a real and proper cemetery. Over the graves, I said a few words:

“It is the Mason’s will that the stone be worked and
that which is without form be made into those things
that better our lives. Redforge was once strong but is
now in need of being worked once again. A piece
chipped away is not a wasted action in working a stone,
but a noble sacrifice in order to find the shape within.”

I only hope that this proves true and Ysran did not die in vain and rescuing the halfling will make us stronger in the end. It was this that I contemplated as we prepared to return home. However, things are not that simple and yet another blessing (or curse, I’m not sure which yet) was placed before us.

As we walked, a lone figure approached. As the figure got closer, we realized it was a dwarf, delirious it seemed, and one that I recognized! I did not know the dwarf’s name but I knew that I had seen him in the forges at the Clan stronghold. He was one of ours, a survivor. He was out of his senses and looked as if he had been walking for days without food or drink. Most strangely of all though, was the handle of what appeared to have once been a forge hammer held tightly in one hand.

We took him to the house and placed him in bed. I did my best to watch over him and heal his wounds, but I also thought it prudent to set a guard nearby as well. I may have recognized his face, but I knew nothing more about who he was. While I tended to this mysterious dwarf, Shinku took Habit to speak with the mayor in Gormit. The mayor asked if we could escort Habit to Pilik so he could inform the council that resides there about the growing goblinoid menace. We agreed, of course, but my primary concern was with this new guest.

His mumblings were incoherent and strange, but more disturbing was that he seemed to somehow be setting the very bed on fire! We were forced to take him outside to prevent any danger, and I did everything I could think of to lessen his delirium. This seemed to work and he started to awaken. He claimed to be uncomfortably hot and extremely thirsty, though I detected no fever in him. In his fits, he had finally let go of the handle. It was oddly hot to the touch. Shinku, being our only resource in the knowledge of the arcane, took it away for study. He returned with burns on his hands and said that he thought it seemed to be some sort of implement to focus magic, though not one that a typical wizard would employ. He also said that it was distinctly connected to this dwarf somehow. His knowledge was useful but neither of us could say what it meant. Despite the return of his senses, the dwarf was quite desperate to have the handle returned to him. He seems to be the only one who can hold it without receiving burns.

Now that he was coherent, the dwarf said that his name was Dwallain, and he had indeed worked in the forges of Redforge. He seemed to feel great shame that he had taken shelter when what he thought was an earthquake had hit the stronghold. He did not know until now that it was an attack and in fact, claimed to not remember how he survived or how he found the homestead. He could not seem to recall the last few weeks at all! He seemed honest enough but not knowing what happened and how he is connected to this burning handle disturbs me.

That night we made preparations to travel with Habit to his home city of Pilik. Unfortunately, however, we were down one member of our group. The suggestion was made that our new friend should accompany us. I must admit, I feel it safer for him to stay close by and away from the homestead until we can determine whether his condition is safe.

We gathered what supplies we could and chose to stop in Tidling for whatever else we needed. I sought out a wizard actually. I had heard that magic users have ways of moving the magic of one item over to another similar item. Not long ago we had acquired a magical war hammer, though one too large for any of us to use, and I hoped I could make use of its magical enchantment. Happily, the stories proved true and the wizard was successful. (Thank the Mason. We can use every advantage we can get!)

The next day we continued on to Pilik. For two days, our travels were undisturbed, but on the third… We encountered more goblins. We were not caught off guard, but they moved fast! I was hit hard by a number attacks and I believe I must have blacked out for a time. I woke up on my back, looking up at Red. It seems the warforged has a touch of the healing skills.

We fought back the goblins and finally overcame them. The most significant part of the battle however, was Dwallain. Seemingly on instinct, he released fiery magic from the broken handle. While it might have been helpful at the time, I can only speculate what it portends.

Now as we camp, Shinku spoke with me privately. He believed that Dwallain might be possessed by something, some sort of magical parasite perhaps. As I write this journal entry, I cannot say if this new member of our group is a boon or a new peril. I can only hope it is the Mason’s will to bless Ysran’s sacrifice by providing us with a new ally rather than a new danger.

Feb 8 - Bats and Bugs!

Dwarves are crazy. I mean, I appreciate them letting me tag along and all, but they are just straight up nuts. Seeing Gort, Tallana, and Jik fall was pretty hard. I didn’t realize how much I actually cared about them. We’d only been trekking together for a couple months, but they’d become almost like family.

Apparently one of the dwarves (I think it was a “she”, but with dwarves you never know) knew Gort from his time in Prism. They didn’t downplay the deaths of the rest of my crew, but took the death of their fellow dwarves very damned seriously. I just wish the rest of them had shown up with that berserker that leapt from the shadows. He saved my ass, but I couldn’t save his.
As weird as the dwarves are, the human with the creepy eyes freaks me out more. The less said about his eyes, the better.

Anyway, we’re heading to wherever these guys come from to let them know about the massing of goblins. Before all this, goblins never worried me, but seeing them all in a big group like that terrifies me. We got jumped by a small group that had tamed bats. BATS! Gah, what gross creatures. If the Goblins ever march in force, they would be like locusts on a barley harvest. Luckily, from what these yahoos say, they have been pretty content with raiding. Thank the Brewer for that!

Then, thinking we were finally safe, the ground collapsed under us and we were attacked by giant cockroaches. The less said about them the better, but I’m going to go out of my way to squash every cockroach I see in the future just to make sure they never get that big!

Habit sig

January 25th, 2013

We found some shelter and licked our wounds after several glorious battles. Not much rest was to be had by myself or my companions, the remnants of clan Redforge. My thoughts drifted to Red and how the Warforged proved so helpful in battle. Then only to make such a catastrophic mistake in such a difficult time for the clan by killing Torrent. The addition of Torrent may have proven to be one of the defining moments of our clans return to prominence! However, that tale, will never unfold. I scoffed at myself over having such thoughts, no matter how brief they might be. In the end, the balance must be maintained, NezAlahn be it so!

After our brief respite, we set our minds to task to continue our recon and dispatching of goblins. Our capable trackers began the methodical dance of examining the surroundings in order to find our next clue. My father always wanted me to learn more about tracking but that was to come later in training. Pathfinding skills are always useful when you are dismounted from civilized society. Lucky me? Or lucky us? Despite what I might give off, I am grateful this party is not found wanting for those with that particular skillset!

I studied Ysran as he quickly discovered a path that leads away from this most recently quashed goblin camp. He seemed pleased with himself like it was almost a surprise or maybe he just wanted a pat on the back that he found a trail. I tear away from my thoughts to glance at the “ewwww mon”, my little joke pronunciation, and wonder how he manages to carry on. “Why laugh when you can chortle”, I think to myself as i feel one erupt from me over the thought of me as a steed for Shin. He does have the endurance of a Dwarf child. Sometimes my musings make me laugh but that is mostly because they are true.

While all the tracking was going on and unlike myself, Shin was being productive by working on identifying some of the items we had picked up along the way. I believe he identified the circlet and that book he has been carrying around. Funny thing is, when he looked at it I thought for a second that he didn’t seem to be able to read it.

Once Ysran was able to start tracking, we began to follow the goblin path leading away from the camp. Eventually, we came across another party of goblins on a perpendicular path to our own. We were in mostly open terrain without major cover or concealment but we decided to stealth up as close as we could to them. I didn’t think the guy in plate, who is not outdoorsy, was a poor choice to attempt to stealth anywhere but I made a go of it. I am reasonably sure I made some loud noises which in turn, drew the goblin party to our doorstep.

We made fairly light work of the goblin party and proceeded to heal ourselves up once again. We searched for the best cover we could find and began to make camp. Since we were out in the open we opted for no fire. A little while into sleep there was a ruckus going on somewhere in the distance. Three of us went to investigate the party and report back if any help was needed or if they had news to provide. Bri and I stayed back to allow the more sneaky and agile members attempt a recon on the commotion.

The battle seem to last forever and still we had no word. I was pretty interested to know what was going on because I very much like to get into the fray. Finally Shin and Tannis emerged to tell Bri and I that there were several hobgoblins and three adventures fighting an all out battle.

When the four of us finally got to the area the noise was coming from, there was a sole halfling left. All of his party and all of the hobgoblins were dead. I didn’t realize it until someone else had spotted him but our fellow dwarf, Ysran had been slain as well. I listened to the little halflings recounting of how they got to be out here and how our Ysran had done us proud until the very end! We scooped up our comrades up in our arms and prepared the bodies for the journey back to be properly buried. Despite my outward appearance, a great weight settled on my chest and crept up my throat. I had to summon all of my strength to remember … that in NezAlahn I trust.

January 11th, 2013
Follow the Goblin Tracked Road

With the discovery of our new ally Torrin now deceased, I’m not sure how to deal with the automaton. Since I’m not able to understand how he/she/it speaks with the other members of the house, it’s just that much more difficult for me to gauge how Red is going to act around other people. Kerig has given us some assurance that this isn’t going to happen again, but I’m going to have to start keeping an eye on anyone we start inviting into our fold.

Bri, Narrg, and Ysran took the task of burying Torrin. There must be something akin to all dwarves that allows them to form bonds in virtually no time at all. The three of them spoke of honoring this man as if he was a long time friend or comrade in battle. How exactly do they accomplish this? Tradition? Cultural identity? Shared semi-racist commentary? Alcoholism? Whatever the case, I may have some pity for the man having been killed in the night. But that small amount of pity by no means makes up for the fact that he tried to kill us. Besides, I’ve seen enough death over the decades; one more grave won’t cause me to turn my head. I decided to stay behind and consider what I might need to be doing to help the clan on its quest to rebuild its legacy.

It didn’t take long for the dwarven trio to return; a couple of hours at most. Despite the solemn atmosphere that followed them into the house, they all had stern faces. Perhaps it wasn’t the loss of a new friend that caused this, but rather the loss of an opportunity for something better; someone to help shape this clan into the power it once was.

With the mornings events complete, we all set off to visit the mayor. We needed to discuss how we were going to give the town a chance to alert the neighbors in the event of a goblin incursion. The mayor was about his usual hustle and bustle, stopping for a moment to speak with us about the possibilities for the defense of the town. We had considered making horns from available cattle, but it didn’t seem like there would be enough livestock in the area. I had spoken with the mayor about making gongs, which is what we ultimately decided on. Our resources were limited, so we agreed to have Thrapt start on a small number of them for some of the homesteads while the five of us went out to investigate the extent of the goblin threat.

We returned to the compound to prepare for our trip around the countryside and Kerig requested that we leave the automaton in his care for now. He wanted to take the chance to determine what Red’s intentions were or how it will act in the future with the council in the position of clan leadership. In Red’s absence, Tanis joined us. We hoped that her expertise might be of some use to us in our search.

We weren’t traveling long before we came across a small group of goblins heading across the fields. They didn’t seem to notice us, so Tanis, Ysran, and myself took up following them while remaining as hidden as possible, with Bri and Narrg following at a distance. We trailed them for several hours, on into the evening. With the daylight gone, it was becoming more and more difficult for me to track them. But hearing them wasn’t a problem for me, and Tanis and Ysran didn’t seem to have any trouble keeping their eyes on them. It must be nice being able to see when it’s nearly dark.

At some point the goblins must have realized that we were following them, because after we trailed them for a little longer neither of my ranger companions were able to locate them, nor could I hear them. As we passed through a couple of trees hoping to keep on their trail, the three of us were ambushed! Ysran and I took the brunt of the damage, which wasn’t so bad; since the two of us are more accustomed to close quarter fighting. But poor Tanis couldn’t get off a shot with the way we were all cluttered together.

After the initial attack, one of the goblins tossed a sunrod to the ground; illuminating the area for us. Thankfully, this also gave Bri and Narrg our position, and it only took them a moment to catch up to us. In spite of the goblins surprise advantage, it wasn’t long before we dispatched them. With the night upon us, we took the opportunity to setup camp. In searching around, we found a well made bronze skull on one of the goblins. It’s always interesting to find trinkets like this, sometimes it helps me glean some insight into their history; though I’m really not sure what to think of this one.

The night passed without incident. As we cleaned up camp, it seemed clear to us that the goblins were headed in certain direction, and that we should follow along their path in hopes of finding out more about the goblin force in the area. It wasn’t long after we departed and traveling in that direction that we came across another camp, one slightly elevated from our position.

This gave us a bit of a chance to try and assess their position. Tanis quietly worked around one side of their camp, and Ysran crept along the other. Just as Ysran and Tanis got into position, skeletons started to claw out of the dirt right next to them; two surrounding Ysran and one attacking Tanis. I pulled out my crossbow and ran towards Tanis, while Bri and Narrg went off to help Ysran. I fired a bolt at the skeleton bearing down on Tanis. It met its mark, breaking through the corpse’s skull and shattering the hand it held it’s scimitar in; giving Tanis enough time to slide away and start taking shots of her own.

The skeletons fell with relative ease, but not before one of the goblin afflicted Narrg with some sort of curse. Every time he ran to meet another foe, he looked as though he was bleeding even more than before. Yet somehow, that didn’t seem to slow him down. He barreled head long into the fray, with Bri and Ysran following behind him, and Tanis and I closing in on the other side. When the whole group met in the center of the camp, we made quick work of the goblins that remained.

After the battle, Ysran found a magic staff and a circlet on one of the goblins. He also came upon a book that he handed over to me, knowing my love of reading. When I opened it though, I couldn’t decipher any of the words it contained. There must be something magical about this text, and while I’ve normally been fairly good at identifying such effects, this one completely escaped me. Now might be a good time to expand my knowledge on that subject. I’m sure it would be useful if one of the members of the house had a better grasp on matters of the arcane.

December 28th 2012

Naarg, Red, and Shinku returned from their confrontation with the hobgoblin and his goblin minions with the human male in tow. His sisters were thoroughly grateful and made a point to thank them when they were in Gormitt.

Bri and Ysran returned to the group both bearing information. Ysran found signs in the countryside of increasing goblin activity in the hills around the mountains. There were fears of a mounting offensive, especially if more hobgoblins are found leading them.

The retainers, now reunited, opted to pursue the shipment of iron in a nearby town, leaving Tanis, Dorn, and the rest of the clan back at the smith’s home. Defensive preparations were made to secure the grounds, to make sure that the heir was not be unprotected.

The retainers made the day-long trip to the city, met with an aptly (or ineptly) named human scumbag who sold them iron ingots at a moderate price. Despite some apprehension (and some confusion from Shinku) the retainers decided to drink at a tavern where other dwarves were sure to be at their cups. Their caution was met amiably by dwarven merchants and the sharing of a pony keg.

Upon leaving the town, the retainers were assaulted in the wilderness by a clanless mercenary unit. A battle was pitched, and won with no casualty. One of the mercenaries survived and was open about his unit’s activities. Given his honesty and honor, the retainers spared his life and eventually offered him a chance to join Redforge as a man-at-arms.

Returning home brought many happenings. The village was preparing to meet a possible goblin attack, given the warning of the retainers. Although there was joy in having iron to forge and trade, the newest member of the clan was slain by Red, out of his fear that his mercenary past might bring him to harm Threnny.

Dec. 14th 2012
Quest for Clan

In the morning we were to have breakfast with Kareg and his followers. He discuassed several options in rebuilding their clan. The course of direction the group decided on was to start rebuilding trade. Kareg tasked this one, Nareg and the strange human Shinku to go to the next town for trade. His followers Dorn and Tanis were to accompany us while the the female Brianna and the male Ysran were to support Kareg with a mission. I quickly gather my weapons and departed for the cart….should I be living Threndar alone? Quickly before this one could think about it longer Nareg told me to hurry and I quickly moved into formation.

While taking goods into the next town we were ambushed by what the others call goblins. They are a weak and cowardly species but can be dangerous in large numbers. This one must remember this for future reference. After we defended the cart we followed their tracks to their camp. We found two young human females tied up. Nareg and Shinku untied them and calmed them down. I stayed on look out till the others found them a very good natural hiding place near a small cave. Nareg said we were going to try and rescue the male sibling. We made good time by rushing through the woods, though Nareg and too carry Skinku on his back (humans seem to be a frail species).

We ambushed the goblin camp… led by what the others refer to a hobgoblin. Big dangerous goblin. While fighting the goblins i started to see strange shapes follow out my weapon again, they seem to be alive? I also could have sworn I saw one shield my back from goblin, I do not understand what is happening but I must keep what little senses I have because we still have to go to town.

Adventure log- Nov. 16
Further flight and arrival in Gormit

Our flight from Prism had been harrowing thus far, but we had survived. As we stood over the bound leader of the assassins who had just attacked us, I bound the wounds of my allies and said a soft prayer over the corpses of the unfortunate clanless spread around the road.

Narrg and Ysran approached the captive dwarf. He was uncooperative at first but a bit of intimidation (Dwarven men get very touchy about their beards)got him talking. An unnamed red-haired dwarf noble had sent them out here just over a week ago to await instructions. It was not until yesterday that they were contacted using some form of mental magic. They were told to kill a group of dwarves that matched our descriptions. Unfortunately, he knew nothing else of value. The clanless begged us to let him go, offering to run far from Prism. I could tell that the desperate dwarf was telling the truth for once. The rest of our group however was not so certain.

“There has been too much dwarven blood shed this day,” I said. It was tense for a moment, but in the end they were convinced.

As we traveled on, we soon found a clearing near the road. Our strange warforge companion offered to keep watch and the night seemed uneventful. The warforge, who we’ve taken to calling Red, said he had heard something in the woods nearby during the night. He? She? It? walked into the forest. It was several minutes before we realized the warforge was gone!

I stepped into the woods. A strange feeling came over me and I realized there was some sort of sorcery at work. We decided to let Ysran attempt to journey further in, but it seemed he too was taken by the forest magic. With growing concern for our companions, Shinku volunteered to make a search attempt, but again met with failure. Finally, Narrg and I hoped that if we went in together that we could overcome whatever spell was taking us one by one.

As we entered the forest, a powerful force took hold and drew us deep into the woods. We found a large stone, worked only by weather, with our friends sitting around it. We too were drawn to commune with the stone and sat comfortably near our friends.

It seemed to have an intelligence of a sort, though limited, and while we all seemed content to stay with the stone, we finally seemed to make it understand that we needed to continue on our way. Finally, the stone released us. Several hours had passed it seemed but we were all feeling quite refreshed. We chose to stay the night near our stone “friend” and the next morning we were able to cut across land through the forest, making good time.

Soon we exited the forest and stood before a plain of gently rolling hills. Travel that day was uneventful save for a few merchants on the road. We camped just off the road that night. Again, Red was left to watch while the rest of the group slept. I was awoken however in the dead of the night by the sharp fangs of a wolf! Perhaps in the future we should not rely so much on the warforge for our watches.

The savage attack of the wolves injured me severely! As I faded from consciousness, I saw my companions fending of an entire pack. Suddenly, a surge of energy rushed through me and Narrg stood next to me, his weapon slashing at a nearby wolf! Thanks to his healing, I managed to rise and help fend off the pack. The last one ran off into the night, the rest of its pack dead at our feet.

Tired and worn from our travels, we expected to finally arrive at Gormit later that day. We spotted plumes of smoke on the horizon. Worried that there might be more enemies searching for us, we were wary about checking it out. Being the most stealthy of our band, we decided that Shinku and Ysran should take a closer look.

We waited for some time before we heard a commotion. It was Shinku, running at top speed and pursued by a number of goblins and a pair of hyenas! The battle was fierce but once again we came out triumphant. We would learn later that as Shinku and Ysran approached the smoke, tey spotted a farmstead ahead of them. They could hear cries coming from the house and saw the goblins. Unfortunately, the goblins also spotted Shinku. Knowing that is was too dangerous to face the goblins on his own, Shinku turned and ran. When they had passed, Ysran emerged from hiding. In the burning farmhouse, Ysran found the bound farmer. He cut the bonds and saved the grateful human. Meanwhile, Shinku led the goblins back to where the rest of us waited.

After the fight, Ysran caught up to us and we made the last leg to Gormit. Once there, it did not take long to spot the large house bearing the secret sigil of House Regforge. We were greeted by a dwarf and his family. Once we explained who we were were, he was more than helpful, providing food and a place to sleep.

The next day, Karig arrived. He and the two dwarves with him were beaten and wounded. Threnndar I was dead and all that was left of House Redforge was present in that room in a small manor in an out of the way hamlet. May the Mason give us the strength of stone to endure these hard days. I have a feeling we will need it!

Nov 2 - A Light Goes Out

Since we didn’t talk about what the rotation would be this week, I’m going to go ahead and do the write-up this time.

26th of Kazhur 4988AU
The party started in Prism in the Redforge Citadel in the dining hall. Raider mercenaries from Clan Grunkurk burst into the hall. Lord Threndar I gathered the Party and ushered them to a chapel to Galt. He sent the Party and Karig Lightstone into the tunnel with his son Threnny. In the tunnel they met a Content Not Found: unknown that apparently had been there a long time. The Warforged imprinted on Threnny as its master, though it was clearly already a servant of the house.

As the party left the tunnel, Karig sent them to Gormit and said he’d meet them there. The party decided to take the main road and avoid the forest. There they ran into a group of the Grunkurk Guard who after some brief discussion, they ended up fighting and killing the lot. Farther ahead on the road, they ran into an ambush and killed all of the ambushers except the leader.

Group Loot

  • 76GP 2SP
  • Uncut Quartz – 45GP
  • Magical Dagger – ?
  • Magical Shortsword – ?
  • Potions of Cure Light Wounds x 2

House Loot

  • n/a

Player Loot

  • Ysran: 20 throwing hammers


1200/5 = 240XP each

Initial Discussion

This was just a discussion of what the setting should be, what the group’s motivation should be etc. Then we drank and played Munchkin and I lost horribly.


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